First Adventure

Back in 2004 blogging was the new cool thing to do, and it seemed that every other college student I knew had a blog. So I blogged. Now, somewhere out there in cyberspace there is still a blog floating around with my name on it, but I couldn’t find it if my life depended upon it. The truth is, I probably didn’t write about anything of much significance just the thoughts of a normal college student trying to find myself and figure out my life’s path.

But now, as Benjamin and I are preparing to make a major life shift, my first adventure towards this shift is learning to blog again, learning how to navigate the settings and how to write content that actually makes sense. I will be learning as I go, so please do not judge my early work too harshly.

As I work through this first adventure, I will be posting more about our other adventures and our steps toward joining a new company and moving half-way around the world. We look forward to these many more adventures with expectation and a little bit of trepidation, but overall we say, “Bring it on.”