Fresh Pasta

A couple of years ago for my birthday a wonderful friend gave me a pasta machine. I was elated… but afraid to use it, and therefore it sat in its box until now. This last week I decided to be adventurous and attempt pasta making. Thankfully, I only documented the parts that made me look successful and failed to document the dough making process, which turned into a mess. Lesson #1 learned from pasta making: Make a big enough well in the flour to accommodate all of the eggs and still have room to stir.

IMG_2062 IMG_2067 IMG_2069

Lesson #2 is equally as important: Flour the noodles after cutting them. I did some flouring but not quite enough because a quarter of the noodles ended up looking like some sort of play dough disaster and became inseparable.

Overall, I would do it again. Having learned those lessons, I think that I would be more successful on my next time around.


Living as Nomads

Since May we have been living a somewhat nomadic lifestyle. We moved away from our home, sold a large majority of our possessions (including both cars), and have been criss-crossing the country in my father-in-law’s truck.


This is all because we are preparing to move across the ocean and start a completely new adventure, but while we wait for our big move we are having a lot of interesting adventures on this side of the ocean with our family and friends.

On the family farm, my husband and father-in-law taught me how to use a zero-turn mower, how to drive a Polaris Ranger, and how to drive a tractor and tedder a field! That has probably been my biggest adventure in the last month and a half, but we have had plenty more. We have been down to Florida where my husband and dad learned how to lay tile on a deck. We have also been to Canada where we learned what to do when you lose your passport.


Most importantly, we are learning to be content and to be good receivers. As nomads, we feel that we have little to give, and we are in a position of depending on our families for support. It has been good to receive love, kindness, shelter and food from them as we travel back and forth.

There will be more adventures coming over the next couple of months, and I will do my best to document and share them!