One of the fun things that we did with my family before our big move was to spend a couple of hours canoeing. It was the perfect fall day. It was cool enough for jeans and a t-shirt, but it was also hot enough so that I didn’t need a jacket. The leaves are just starting to change, and we had a beautiful time.

Lessons learned on this trip:

#1 My husband and I have very different ideas of canoeing. If you are like me, you actually like to do some paddling when you canoe, but if you are like my husband, you much prefer to sit and enjoy your time floating down stream.

#2 Happy and energetic dogs may get overexcited whilst riding in a canoe and as a result temporarily suffer from what we now know as “limber tail.”

#3 On a perfect fall day, when many people are out hiking, make sure that you use the bathroom before you get out on the river and so avoid trying to find a secret place to do so that is out of view of the aforementioned hikers.