Climate Control

For those of you who live in countries where you have a thermostat in your home or apartment be grateful. For those of us who live in countries where the government controls when your radiator heat goes on and off, we too should be grateful. I know people around the world who do not have heat in the winter or ac in the summer. Knowing that I will be leaving behind my window ac unit to spend the summer delivering a baby in another city where ac of any kind unheard of, I am more grateful for what I have, even if it wasn’t what I was used to.

Lesson Learned: Unless you have screens in your windows, don’t be tempted to open them… no matter how pleasant the weather is on the other side. Mosquitos will always find you.


Pregnancy Abroad

Being that this is my first time around and I was never pregnant in America, I have no personal experience to which I can compare my current situation. That being said, I don’t notice any differences save 2 things: 1) if I get a pregnancy craving here it is likely to be for something that I won’t be able to get… like Chick-fil-a, and 2) doing a job that I already know while exhausted and learning a new language while exhausted are 2 different things.

Outside of those, location doesn’t affect me too much. I am still learning about all of the unglamorous sides of pregnancy that happen no matter where you are. Nausea I expected but as of yet haven’t experienced. However, what I didn’t expect was sleeplessness, leg cramps, digestive issues, clumsiness, having a red face, and being hungry all of the time. None of these things are unmanageable, and I would gladly endure these and more to enjoy another day carrying my little man.

Lesson learned: Take each day in its turn and do not worry about tomorrow for each day has enough troubles of its own.