Pregnancy Abroad

Being that this is my first time around and I was never pregnant in America, I have no personal experience to which I can compare my current situation. That being said, I don’t notice any differences save 2 things: 1) if I get a pregnancy craving here it is likely to be for something that I won’t be able to get… like Chick-fil-a, and 2) doing a job that I already know while exhausted and learning a new language while exhausted are 2 different things.

Outside of those, location doesn’t affect me too much. I am still learning about all of the unglamorous sides of pregnancy that happen no matter where you are. Nausea I expected but as of yet haven’t experienced. However, what I didn’t expect was sleeplessness, leg cramps, digestive issues, clumsiness, having a red face, and being hungry all of the time. None of these things are unmanageable, and I would gladly endure these and more to enjoy another day carrying my little man.

Lesson learned: Take each day in its turn and do not worry about tomorrow for each day has enough troubles of its own.



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